1.0 out of 5 stars Not For Teennage [sic] Girls*



Repeat NOT a book for teennage [sic] girls. Depressing and innuendos made about sex. Not the manner it’s [sic] which I want my daughter to view sex and love.

Published 35 minutes ago by Amazon Customer


it’s not what sex & love       are supposed to be like

(I’m reliving it again       to save anyone else)

            but you know how when your friend       tells you

{insert drink} tequila with {insert drink} Pepsi

tastes disgusting       & immediately you’re like

Girl let me try       & peel her mother’s glassware from her hand

while she’s making a scrunched lemon face       & saying

I’m warning you    it’s really bad       in a singsong voice  

            yeah       it’s like that       {insert sex} {insert love}



*source material for title taken from an Amazon customer review of a poetry collection marketed for teenage girls