A Clutch of Tony



sin holewhat kinna operation we runnin’?: other? un wise?    /T R A N S
P A R E N C Y is a nay gay 4 what may hold me / may sign on 2 my sing

-ings of secretive pleasing       Tony’s teasing              w ball bearing hips     
Tony tells me hirself: clit & dicktip but warn’t prik                my dank ass

gender doing [it’s dangerous dunning]              if Tony is just a hardening
[& refuses 2 carry the 1 (my 1                & instead opts 4 a mononuclotic

figure)] then       yes            they wet in2 me                  yrs i am a hurt ppl
subcutaneously purplin luv  The essential quality of 1 accustomed 2 offerin

the self / 2 mediatin / the self 2 / preservin / the self w rock salt & the ytness
o’ rock salt & the preservative / qualitiesa ytness & the brinea nationalized

queerness dead floatin thru the mysterious oils of the nite-- there are means
unnessecary: islands / 2 icy / & teas 2 long /  but Tony entreats 2 a gud time

tryna remember the afterhour’s morn after snorin out next week                ‘s
pregame / Tony‘s gr8 @ parties / Tony’s PGPs vary but at werq they go

Brian or Mike or Tommy or Mikey or nu fone / who dis?       dunno eff i hav
a b?oifriend but / worst case / i got a critical race queering my pipe lol /                      i hav

survived colorful invasion & & i only am escaped alone 2 tell thee: i shower
in wreathsa pink ribbon           i drain from pain’s puddling up @me / i go out