Addressing the Rumor that Marilyn Manson Had His Lower Ribs Removed So that He Might Suck His Own Dick

by Colette Arrand



In the book of Genesis, Eve was created
while Adam was sleeping, rib secreted
from his body like God already regretted
giving too much to men. At times, I like
to think that trans women are made
the same way, my meat shaped
around a rib pulled from Marilyn Manson,
given up so that I might know the body
capable of radical change. On the other side
of this rumor it turns out there are more
fun ways to fuck yourself up. At one point
I was afraid of all of them, a child unable
to imagine a self that existed
without regret. Absent a man's rib,
I was more like the mud waiting for someone
to breathe the sprit into my unshaped person.
Thinking literally about this story, if it took
God walking the earth and deciding this,
the mud from which She might shape me,
was worth pressing Her lips to, I'd still
be waiting. There's only so much one
body is capable of given the size
of the world it occupies. Still, consider
the way a person shapes their body a
sacrament, an offering whispered
at night so only the desired audience
receives it. I've learned that absent
the means that allow one to shape
their own flesh, there are men
who'd nevertheless take my body
upon their tongue, who'd treat my cock
like a sacrament, like a fruit
that, when swallowed, reveals
something about us both. Other gods,
desiring the pleasures they created
for their believers, were tricked
into accepting burnt bones instead.
I'm routinely given the bodies
of others; it's my own
that I'm fooled into accepting.