Advice to the Adolescent Son of a Fundamentalist Christian


so she
said she loves god
so much
she’d kill her middle
son just like abraham almost killed
isaac his son who her son isaac
is named after
so i
never called
child welfare and
she moved on
and he’s on the honor roll
so she
says she loves jesus christ
and the whole story and the whole bible
is sexual
and i wonder
what it’s like to be fucked by christ
but don’t ask because
she’ll tell me
i know she will because
she told isaac that
he was addicted to porn
and a demon was controlling his dick
and he thinks he’s sinning
because mom says he is
because mom was never in porn
but should have been
so he
asks me about it
so i
tell him it’s natural to be
young and dumb and full of cum
so lock
your door and make friends
with mr. monkey
before you explode
your mother might kill you tonight
in the back yard
did you know
your picnic table
is an altar