All the Good Dick Lives in Brooklyn Park



& where do they keep the good shit in your town?

that organic nana, them gushy gushy schools?

when i roll up to dude house & ain’t seen


no grocery store for a few miles & there’s

a liquor store next to a liquor store next to

a little cesar i know the dick gon be bomb


there’s a stereotype in here - mandingo myth

slave quarter bathhouse, animal animal

experiencing need & so down for whatever


that project dick, section 8 inches, pipe

make you call the super. when in the moment

i like to tell a nigga to fuck me like a loan.


may all the hood niggas who humor my wet

be blessed with some fly shit: 24s, condos

enough & some healthcare. i swear the man


who rocks me best gets thinner by the day

he can’t afford the pills that keep me plump.

i told him they got programs for drug assistance


doctors, all kinds of help, but that would

mean to admit what we try so hard to forget

ain’t that it? all kinds of broke a body can be


i kiss him with the pill coming apart on my tongue.

i hope it’s enough to fill both of us out. we split it

like gas, like the brown blunt’s brown guts.