An Orange


this is just for you:

I went into your room,
& ate the orange

on your pillow.

( oh,

thats not all )  

I know
you were saving it, 

I know
it was wrong.

( I 

went into your closet )

It opened
with a sigh,

the orange bled onto your 

( I looked behind 

your row of dresses )

it's wet,
particle guts

swooned in
the afternoon light.

( how hideous

how vile )

The orange split apart in my hands
like your body 
always does.

In my left,
your thigh,

In my right, 
your breast.

I placed the pieces in my mouth 
until they disappeared.

( it is a crate of oranges

growing old behind your dresses )

I ate them

until they 

( all except 

the last one )

I placed it 
on your pillow,