Arguments for the End of History




“Get ready . . . go!” we say, when we’re feeling cynical or ironic
or realistic, but we still have to drive the kids to school or watch
them from the kitchen window as they’re waiting for the bus.  It’s
the “drive them to school” option I’m thinking about right now, 
because I realize that I used to write about my kids a lot and I don’t
write about them as much these days.  Does this mean I don’t love
them anymore?  It’s fun to say something like that and then give a
knowing look to whomever you’re talking to.  The knowing look
is important to making this work, it tells the person you’re talking
to that you’re in on however they’re thinking about it, it’s another
way for us to monitor each other that at times can seem like caring.  
[Knowing look.]  Say your car’s battery dies for good in a Kroger
parking lot in Fairborn, Ohio.  How others see you is now critically
important.  It’s always critically important.  But at this moment
you might be heading toward getting shot.  And then there’s the
question of what this might do to our dreams.  What your favorite
song was from this year.  That list you were making this morning
of items to pick up for dinner.  New horizons.  Photos of houses
burning.  “You” is too general here.  Why should I worry about
being shot in a Kroger parking lot, you might well be thinking.