Bathtub 25


Tinsel is shiny
the snowman is shiny  
I need a new cream  
to make my face more shiny
I need some eye drops to make my eyes more shiny
I need a ring  
to make my fingers more shiny
a diamond to make  
my ear more shiny
high heels to make  
my heels more shiny
I wear earth tones
I am earth toned
the earth is not shiny
it is earth toned
I like bobble hats  
with shiny baubles  
but not on me
in Poland  
on Christmas Eve
the stars will get shiny  
we will tear open  
the shiny wrappers to find more shiny
the sky is shiny  
it is shiny  
but only at night
during the day
it is just too bright  
the sterile interior of an air
conditioner is shiny
Jeff Koons balloon dog
is shiny
beside an elegant
older lady
the space dog is shiny
I am looking at the shiny floor
& putting my face there
to recover  
from loneliness
with shiny
suddenly the snow fell
and we ran
from shiny to shiny
shiny has a printed
it is wanted