Behind Any Man Who Does the Right Thing


Alexis Pope


 It’s a theory

she has


Nothing was as it was

in the picture of the city


Blue hills

moles rising along a cheek


Who you are when

above me


When it’s all I want

is your hand


On my thigh

neither of us were


Here before

home defense


Nothing like a gun

with blanks


Were you planning

on using that


Behind any man

who does the right thing


Is a woman

who convinced him


Let’s pull the car up to the window

ask the questions


Like the podcast

my hair hasn’t done


Enough to make me



No sun in sight

for months


A very uncomfortable couch

your fingers slid


Down my arms

and I tried to breathe


Can we step back

into a room


My lipstick stains

sordid river


We haven’t dyed anything red

what’s left inside


After you’re gone

smooth strings