A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Between Home and Here

For every individual, there is a unique memory of home. While home for some can represent a place of safe haven, for others it may be reminiscent of turmoil. Between Home and Here provides insight into persistent states of confusion and guilt, which stems from a gradual increase in distance from family, both physically and emotionally. Throughout this process, Between Home and Here examines the complications that arise out of distance from familiar places and people on ones’ developing psyche.

Between Home and Here focuses on intimacy and human relationships that exist with conflict. This work examines individual notions of place and its effect on personal identity and growth. Through the configuration of digital color photographs in a larger than life scale, this series conveys a collection of private stories from experience in dealing with love, loss, distance, and evolution.

All images from this body of work have been photographed in surrounding areas of Louisville, KY. The people photographed are the individuals who have remained in the state that I have left. These portraits are an investigation of my upbringing and the ties I have chosen not to sever. In my physical passage to the place of a difficult past, I document and recreate a time that is present and unwavering.