BOAAT Photography Competition


SUBMISSION ARE Currently closed and will reopen in the future

[for our current contest the winner and finalists will be announced in May, 2015]


Theme: Home

Judge: Justin Kimball – Professor of Art; Chair of Art and the History of Art at Amherst College

Entry Fee: $12

What We Want: We want you to dig deep into what makes a place a home. Is it security or familiarity that makes it? What's it like in one's hometown? What's it like to leave? and then come back. What's it like to make a new home, with new people in a new place? Who are the people that make you feel at home and where do you feel homeless? Think about it however you like but this is the knock at your door. Let us in. 

Winnings: The winner will receive publication of their work in a photography monograph handmade by BOAAT, $250, five copies, a BOAAT t-shirt, and their book will be available for purchase (100 limited editions) along with a few copies being housed at the Mellow Pages Library, an independent library in Brooklyn, NY.

Guidelines: Entries will be reviewed blind by our editors and guest judge. Please submit one series of photographs (up to 25) in JPEG format and use 1000 pixels for the longest edge. Please title files with your last name and a two digit numerical sequence (ex. Nolte_01.jpg). Your sequencing is probably important and it gets messed up if you don't do this! Include a short text contextualization, titles, and/or other details in the cover letter. We do not accept previously published photographs.

Design: The winner’s photography monograph cover will be made by the hands of BOAAT. We hand-make paper using a blender, cotton linters, construction paper, shredded money & rope, banana peels, seaweed, wild flowers, & sometimes seashells. The winners book title and the authors name will be on the first page of the book.