Bonnie Roy


Megan Kaminski



like clouds on the back 
of the car like the phone 
every night 
patterns we’ve been through 
in dollhouse lives 
   tint silver tint crystal 
chrysanthemum one way 
alyssum astrantia cedar berry 
over smoke in the secret garage 
in the long lung swell 
   memories stretched 
behind distinct flowers 
snap back    walkways 
rose cracked    scent dragged 
none of these policemen 
are policemen promised 
every unmarked lonely 
    stratiform for fifty miles  

stranglehold of debt and 
dishpan   sun dimmed 
leather cracked hands 
into dirt 
into mulch 
into nitrogen-rich matter 
   morning song sweet 
honeyed lisp sweat-soaked 
grass grown thick greeting 
   garbled mouths 
   marbled tongue 
mother ghosting prairie 
plain veil     passes revoked 
season extended 
this light no shadow 
this call no chirp 
whale carcass on the shore 
worm bodies on the sidewalk 
the day churns without 

signed in clocked in 
to nautical tote bags 
   each monogrammed 
   not yet splashed 
   in hurry back 
all neutrals 
stitch the pastime 
   real times scrape 
plants out the driveway 
these leaves no left 
this luck no lift 
no really    now step light 
   touch soft 
little knee drop 
fourth floor heels talk 
whisper and echo 
wander and anchor 
         what wider 
         what ardor 
a lovely less 
hoped for  

more dredged than drunk 
anchored off shore 
downwind downstream 
tighten wrenches stack 
        box on box 
millennial wander off-center 
plain-ward sod-begotten 
night terror and tremor 
kitty warble out windows 
hair matted beneath hat 
another round another turn 
five to win twelve to place 
nine to show     jackets 
lined in silk lined in lace 
show cold call 
show cord drag 
mold dough into stones 
press ash onto face 

Megan Kaminski is the author of Desiring Map (Coconut Books, 2012) and seven chapbooks of poetry. She teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Kansas and curates the Taproom Poetry Series in downtown Lawrence, KS. 

Bonnie Roy teaches and studies literature in Davis, California. Her poetry has appeared in Diagram, Caketrain, and other journals. She recently collaborated with Joshua Clover on his translation of Jean-Marie Gleize's Tarnac: A Preparatory Act.