Dear book collector,

These books don't belong on bookshelves. They belong out in the open, plopped on desks and coffee tables to turn heads and wow anyone in the room. Most of these designs take a few hours to build, some take days. Each author or photographer we publish, including our forthcoming full-length book of poetry (PLUG: Cleavemark by Stephanie Schlaifer) has a limited edition print run under any of these designs:


Every book cover is usually made from these materials: cotton linters, recycled paper bags, banana peels, seaweed, Spanish moss, wildflowers, seashells, shredded money, & construction paper. The type of stitch will almost always be in the Japanese style of Asa-no-ha-Toji, while using hemp thread for the binding process. We print the guts of our books on Southworth(R) FSC Certified 55% Recycled 25% Cotton Linen Cover Stock. It's fancy.

We know these books aren't in the normal price range for regular chapbooks, but they're individual works of art with a lot of love put into them. Please keep in mind that every chapbook or photography monograph we publish is free and downloadable on our website. You can purchase our books at our store.

After the description for each book you'll see the BOAAT Press Coffee Table Book Rating. This is a scale based off how phenomenal we think the book is. We look at design and functionality.

Sean Shearer
Editor-in-Chief & Book Designer