Colette Arrand is a transsexual poet living in Athens, Georgia. She is the co-editor of The Wanderer and the author of Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon (OPO Books & Objects) and The Future Is Here and Everything Must Be Destroyed (Split Lip Press). In addition, she is the co-host of the podcast Gear Switch, and publishes You Have to Deal with Me Breathing, a wrestling zine. She can be found on Twitter @colettearrand


Colette Arrand, ISSUES

May/June 2018 Issue, BOAAT

BOAAT Volume 3



Addressing the Rumor that Marilyn Manson Had His Lower Ribs Removed So that He Might Suck His Own Dick (NEW)

For Hulk Hogan, Who, By His Own Reasonable Estimate, Has the Largest Arms in the World