Does the monitor turn static after the man recedes into concrete, does it loop, does his batty keep sway, forever on?

She invited this ghost in.

She wanted me and refused the conditions that surrounded the want. Singular and intentional her focus, I was all she needed. And when you become a need, there is constant hunger. 

In her dreams, I’m the cheater. She beats the temptress to the ground. 
This would be her, if we cast this dream real-time. 

Anger wakes her and sheets can’t build a great wall. 

This is the ghost we share.

Grief is a ghost I make of myself.

I killed her. The old she I was, the she I sometimes wish I could be, she who didn’t know better, didn’t voice and protest, she don’t hold she self in the confidence I held all others. 

I took any signs I was coming back. One day I say, I’m forever with one, then the next, I’m forever with another. Sly about it and then direct and it all too quick-quick for my heart, it swells with sadness. Shifts me into a shape, I excused myself from public. 

Haunted my house. Aggrieved that when you put the pieces back together, scars look crueler than the original stitch. I wanted love as fierce as I raged.

Imagine a mammoth coming alive in my human shell. There was a break as glorious as birth and no skin could take the violence. Not she, not I, not her, and they were clueless.

Love is a truer I. Beyond stereos to a guard coming down to a vulnerable creature witnessed beyond my know. We are the fish bladder of two circles meeting. No more with my shade, come into my sunshine.  

How do you surrender?