Drainage for Angels



            for and after Artaud

Angels lick each other to get to their centers
Haloed trauma, cunt of agony
An angel cunt is more pastry than pastiche
To feed the mouth vs. to imitate the mouth
Beneath the folds every robe is a coveted world
The promiscuous holy are presidential in their demands
Give me, give me, I want, I want
Every time an angel bleeds, a woman gets her wings
So she can fly away from the earth’s calendar of men
More angels cum on clouds than any sad man on a motel comforter
Cum as the base word of cumulus
The clouds hoard everything wet and shift it into animal shapes
Semen Wolf, Crusty Chicken
I am alone and an enemy of my body
My body says desire is the inbred cousin of longing
That longing is the suffix of want
I want unbiased animal love
It does not judge pudge or kink
I want to build a planet made of erections
To make cocks into a fatal geography
A place where angels can jump from when the world gets too dark
Do not confuse living with trying not to fall
If a doe-eyed angel reaches out his hand it is not a valentine
He is asking to autopsy you with his fingernails
Whether or not this is the first time you feel pleasure from violence
Or the first time you let your mouth admit it
Your body will be yeasted, trespassed, flame-fucked, rising