Edifice, Throat


My window  

webbed with interruption 

voice               if I could

put you in a card                            I don’t know 

I would.                               Tweet across the street

rage plus pulse.                           Sunday when 


I saw                            smectic post-shower 

saccading heart     
                   talk blink 

so I seem          hours   

                                                    bash the light

first my sheets              thrashed 

compression. I had been

awake, whores, worse                                                 woman didn’t know   

dreaming new last 

names, afraid I want   

what I shouldn’t   

          gum survival 

hallway trauma  

tonguing grout    

experience twerked

them selves are tired   

           those aperk. 

What if I forsake my grand

dame, pink brute lost in the post?            Town 

             people wheel the sidewalk. Ivory army

concrete                  my spine 

              smack-ax to the arm.          Everything

tin then gold, tinged old night skies, so              long  

calorescence, my BFF. 

Left Route 2 and right accents.         Day one clouds  

        peddle fluff        

                                swaddled my 

service.    I talk  

        reception, but        I was                      open

to anything  

        man in the woods

train of women  

coyotes and carrots

field-mice anklets  

tails and stripes

ears                      ears                            ears    

       detached or dangling 

stomach-mouthed I was                  spanning the gorge 

       Turners Wendell

Aries and smoke  

scarlet bass

white polish 

        Black Honey  

 liquid smoke    

          nuts as exception

three ingredients for bones.       Backstory 

         my judgement. Silenced

my wife               apron

         gravy                       jewels meat, cubing

butter for braids                         leaves and scrolls  

         doves. The end of this 

rope and all my goods: the swing-set 

         capuchins, the sandbox. Happy 

Meal castles. Dinky 

         shovels. Scowled and 

swallowed before me they got          


         mange-battered all                       ready to jump   

                                     in the pool.