Emilyann Gachko

This Is Where You Are Right Now


Artist Statement

Being in your twenties, still living at home can feel more isolating than living elsewhere alone. Still, moving out feels daunting or financially impossible. The bedroom, basement, attic where you spend your days is both an escape and a trap. This project seeks to explore what happens when your bedroom is your sole place of self-expression. The way you present both that space and yourself within it can say a lot about the way you feel towards the physical and emotional landscape of your life. 

These images were all shot in my hometown of Cranford, New Jersey, where I still reside with my parents. These sitters are my peers, same age and situation. I feel both grateful to my parents and afraid of becoming stuck at home. This is what drove my desire to start this project; I wanted to explore both the comfort and claustrophobia that comes with either the inability or indecision to leave home. These images are from my ongoing series entitled, “This Is Where You Are Right Now.” For myself, and for a number of the sitters pictured, it the place we have come to accept for “right now”, but hopefully will not stay forever.