Ryan Downum




Fluctuating Radio Waves


& it was foretold the heavenly wings
the avocado      spent two days & thrift store shoppers
throw themselves into the ocean
a bird croons       perched atop my head
these old rock ’n’ roll albums used as coasters
spent two years in chicago coffee shops
my lungs built from toothpicks      hallucinating jesus
while petting feral cats in alleyways
when business men double life as cocaine addicts
silhouette panic attacks in hotel lobbies
i keep thinking about your new nose ring
in my mouth     dozens of tulips
that summer when i never slept
as a kid      i thought a watermelon would grow inside me
if i swallowed the black seeds
this wallpaper says i’m humble
if i am a river      a polar bear      a jellyfish thrown into a propeller
i wait
i wait
tucked into a corner      the blood stained blade & towel
pigeons outside the diner
a boarded up room
train hopping the entire midwest
the quiet behind my teeth held in your hands