For Have I Sinned




every time

my mother visits,

I leave

a vibrator on my bed

open my phone on

the tinder bio of a man

I thought I knew

once I left a half-smoked

joint in my mailbox

knowing she had some

package on its way

every time I picture

what could follow:

her questions tender prod

as I respond

yes, it’s good weed this,

would you like some?

once I thought I’d step

it up a little, make her stumble

upon my packer & laugh

when she asked if I fuck

myself with it

that dick?

that’s just mine

every time she sees

nothing at all

just tells me how

much she misses

having me

around & every time

I pray let her see just

this once & never

know my other sin

but once I thought I’ll trade

all this if you’ll only let me

tell you about the woman

I love