Ghosts: First Variation


Sean DesVignes


New approach of coughing it out, all that’s sweet,

nuclear, & doggone. Hush, hush, somebody’s

calling my name, was a runaway code & the last

words in my head to help me comprehend my position.

I follow Gary & Sunny like gas follows anywhere

the air drags it. I’m the language of that


gas; this studio session means nothing but time away from love to get to the railroad I

don’t have the time for the racial questions stop asking stop performing a type of care stop

asking about race stop asking about race stop asking about race everything is beautiful don’t be

so selfish cause the music isn’t… the music can’t shoot into a color if you keep it inside you


this isn’t difficult, I want you follow the good word & be alright, want you to look at your neighbor

& say neighbor, I want you to reach for the sounds as they play to take your mind off it.


You’re so distracted, you forgot the original theme:

Ghosts, sweetness, you forgot there was someone coughing.