Ghosts: Second Variation


Sean DesVignes


To rattle me is quite alright, for nothing happens without trust.

Innate, involved, inconsequential; burn the rulebook if you must.

So swing a line, the truth destroyed & zinced with only plastic phrase,

deranged a blues with craft & cough, disturb the ghosts to sing their rage

disturb the ghosts to sing so swing a line swing a line sing their rage which comes through

triangular scalene the tone sequins the air some canine anger to locate the coughing ravaging the

chest channel straight to the heart channel back down Euclid to some other feeling some gold

gender we are not the riot but right at the edge of it right, right, right, everything is beautiful

here not good or bad nothing to do with people politics values we are only pure fuel cool fraction

Gary is so skinny & beautiful & threw up everything in his body to play with me.

That’s the only way to be free flush it all out survive on water we are a black danish populated

nineteen sixty four sunny is as unsteady as anything sunny is as steady as anything listen

to him & hear the unracial episode of soul

the everybody scream.