Cruise control down the empty freeway
with all four windows rolled down.
Silver morning fog and the fresh air.
AC blasting cold. Condensation on the dash.
It looks like my car has broken out in a sweat.

I always wanted to learn to fly. My grandpa
was a pilot. Flew in World War II and then
commercially until he retired.
It's hard to imagine that the majority
of his life was spent in the air.

He touched down everywhere. Got to see
everything beautiful. I’m almost more
jealous of that than I am his pilot's license.  
I'd like to see anything new.
Just new. Doesn’t even have to be beautiful.

Detroit streets would look like
a Hawaiian sunset to me. Homeless men,
famous actors. Remember those
pins the airlines used to give? The wings?
A stewardess pinned one on me.