As I page through the poems to follow, I am overwhelmed, again and again, by the image of life as a long corridor of doorways. Each of these ten poets reminds me how, with our shared imaginations, our ring of skeleton keys, there are no doors that cannot be unlocked. And anything, from the stars to a stuffed moose to police sirens, can serve as a doorway. We are doors unlocking doors, all shuffling toward that last white door we must each pass through alone. Maybe we can’t say what’s waiting for us, but these poets invite us to lean down and look into the keyhole and fill our eyes with light. Light like a silver beam of the moon. - Zack Strait, Poetry Editor

Laurie Filipelli :: David Brennan :: Jeanann Verlee

Jeffrey Morgan :: Devi K. Lockwood :: J. P. Grasser :: Kirsten Kaschock

Fritz Ward :: Caitlin Vance :: Justin Carter



Meara Louise