June 16




about the engagement
the father says the doctor is
a poor man
the doctor buys a dinner service
it’s quite expensive
but he thinks since you only buy it
once & does not consult his
dear in this domestic task
so eager to rush the wedding to
get through it men keep imagining
that marriage will calm her
& then they can get back to work
science or philosophy research with
the benefit of the limit to womanly
education just enough to keep busy
in the house ready with affection &
music at any moment in short trained
for servitude without selfhood as if
this matched the girl each engaged himself
to but maybe they think opinions solely
come for wedding party details and a bit
the honeymoon itinerary what’s the big
deal he thinks a bunch of nonsense yet
the order of things is resultant and its
inverse you see completely reliant on
family mores of an ethic the boy’s gone
quite pale as he’d made plans to do nothing
the timeline is set by tradition and rut
comes from wear which is confirmation
that one who wishes to alter the course finds
himself alone in the tall grass of a moment