Like A Freedom Too Strange to Be Conquered


 Aurielle Marie


i pretend to cut

my eyes at you            

                                    in line


for water

swat your laugh away

from my neck in the hall

you got a mouth that

like a ‘lil nip    anyway

i change your name in

my journal to Marcus

surrounded by petals

in each, a letter

spelling            out into bloom

damn.  even here in my

own private truth I can’t say

yes i love           and it

is the youngest, freshest thang

yes i love           and at

the formal we gon dance the way

children dance— bodies rubbin

hard against imagination & bone,

pantin before we even know

why, droolin the lyrics of our

mothers favorite poems into

one another’s ear— oh,            , yes

imma moan your whole name

into a roll of toilet paper and

flush. i swear, imma play dead

on the black top. i wanna tell the world

about you & i can’t. i wanna tell the world

about me but i ain’t met her yet.

i wanna tell the world somethin

other than ooo Fidel Lee so fine

man fuck that nigga & his sweaty hands

i’d rather dance in the thursday sun

that is your name. that is your laugh.

i wanna toil in a queerness that ain’t

nobody punch line       & speaking of strike —

somehow it was just the two of us

in a bathroom on the third floor that first time

i wash my hands and keep my eyes out the mirror

auri                             you say my name

                                    like a damned flute

auri                             & i turn slower than worlds

your lips are there & my lips are there & oh god

i love you i love you i love you & was the freest me                right then.