Lisa Ciccarello


Lisa Ciccarello

Lisa Ciccarello


This is the Suffering Part

This is the Suffering Part

This is the suffering part


All night I dreamed it:

the dream was bad.

I saw the holes open up in their faces

when they looked at me.

They said the curved hand is a sign

meant for something to go into.

They said in this village the dead

& I broke the sign

so people could not go there easily.

In this village the dead

murdered themselves & rose themselves

from where they lay.

They killed themselves & became themselves

& that was their revenge.

In this village the dead break the sign

so death can not find them again. 


The Tower

The Tower

The Tower


My daughter lies down on the ground.

I cannot stop her.

Look, she says,

pointing to her teeth,

the keeper of bells.

There is no tomorrow for this.

I saw the tower

like a steeple or a tusk

or a mast in calm waters

like a lightning rod like a lone tree

standing in a field.

My heart is turning to ashes.

It casts no shadow.





Lisa Ciccarello's first book of poems, At Night, is forthcoming from Black Ocean. She's the author of several chapbooks, including Worth Is the Wrong Word, recently out on Black Cake Records. Her poems have appeared in Tin House, Denver Quarterly, PEN Poetry Series, Handsome, Poor Claudia, & Corduroy Mtn, among others. Lisa edits poetry at draft: The Journal of Process.