Luke MacLean


artist statement

Brian Nolte, Photography Editor: Luke MacLean approaches street photography like a predator hunting prey. He explains in an excerpt from his artist statement:

"If I wanted to go after subjects like Cartier-Bresson did I would first have to embrace the stalker lifestyle. Attempting Cartier-Bresson’s Street style might seem less onerous when framing scenery in an area prone to tourists, or when accompanied by a partner. When shooting passersby with a wingman, the calming effect could instill a two beer bravery into one’s approach, in that you have a pal on hand to step up and say, ‘Oh he’s not a pervert, he’s just a dreamer’. But a perusal of Cartier-Bresson’s subjects reveals the eye of a solitary observer, separate from the parade of daytrippers. So after exhausting the aesthetics of sunset moments with Amy Sedaris [his camera], I decided to skirt my anxieties and release my stalker approach. Compact and durable, weddings and songbirds were never to be pursued by Amy Sedaris. Stalker style was her action. So I pressed thin slices of electrical tape against her chrome upper frame, dressed in dark tones and greased my bicycle chain. I substituted Nacho Crunchits for pudding snacks, made peace with my uncle Don, (whom I inherited my colourblindness from), and wandered capriciously in soft rubber soles. I told myself that when the moment came, I would know it, and I wouldn’t hesitate."