Mocha Panties

You have your skinny pants that you never wear but that are the barometer. You have your fat pants that you wear more than you need to. You have your period pants that are dark and thick and forgiving and comforting.

You have your period panties.

I have a new resolution not to wear my period panties at non-period times. I have gotten into the habit of wearing only my period panties and pretty much never wearing my other panties, my nice panties. My resolution is to wear nice panties every day, even the days I don’t think I’m going to have sex, even on the days when I’m going to ride my bike.

Once, in the locker room at the YWCA after tot swim class, I saw another mom who was wearing beautiful, chic mocha panties and a matching bra even though she had just come from swim class and had a kid. The panties and bra looked French, and so did the mom. I swore right there and then to wear my nice panties every day, even though my nicest panties aren’t as nice as those panties were. 

But then I got pregnant again and never felt like wearing nice panties.
So that was three years ago now. Exactly three years and I am finally hoping to make good on my promise of nice panties.

Thus far I have kept my nice panties promise for about a week and a half. It’s been difficult. Almost every day I reach for my period panties but I haven’t relented. It does feel good to wear nice panties, though it pains my heart to get on a bike or go to sleep without sex when I am wearing them.

Even when the nice panties are not two hundred dollar hand washable silk tap pants, nice panties are a conundrum.