N' Then She Said “I Need To Tell U Somethin, N' Dont Hate Me For It…



After Dean Blunt


Last night, there was love pandering                     outside my heart’s door

              like jungle music.          Who can say

what time           the cops came?

I guess I just mean it confused me,

the way you came hunting,           and I knew exactly which

lord would take me.         I thought about being                  a child,

nothing better, nothing worse.                  I thought I could mind-

control the situation, but              there was a shark

                                                     in the water

last night and love

                                        had fallen out of my body,

had been forcibly ejected.           I had tried to speak something

about my mother.                        It was like being

something that doesn’t have any limbs.                Over and over, I had to ask myself

about the words I was using        and if those words were,

in fact, killing people.