Consider the shape of the play button: it is a triangle pointing to the right, denoting the future, forward movement, action. Consider then, what occurs when the camera turns to the actionless. Long still shots of curtains unmoving before open windows. A street with no moving cars. A lake without people or boats. Where we expect, and indeed, depend on action, there is nothing to carry us from beginning to end. An actionless video is a wormhole which instead of taking you from point A to point B leaves you back at point A where you started. It’s the unremembered day; the answerless and the unanswerable. A video is so very real. You see the same curtains I do, and every gradient of sunlight coming through. But it’s a poor simulacrum for the real thing, which is irretrievable, and there is an immense frustration in the thing, as in the boat that doesn’t move while the current is passing by. The video of nothing is the uncharitable, the unmappable. It’s the destination, unreached.