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Even Herbie doesn’t know 
what is best—that you come 
alive in the tuba’s elbow. Breathing during 
the quarter rests. Fate is in the swing 
of true jazz knowing everything
happens on purpose.                The faith you place in seeds is the only faith 
                           that matters; is the only existing faith.

Hancock himself released a new, electronically enhanced funk version on his 1973 album Head Hunters. Tenorist Dexter Gordon’s solo on the original track is as down-and-dirty as any he ever recorded.



Deep, dark, explore inner caverns 
    through my rind. This is an exercise
        in becoming alive, a watermelon. I want 
    thrill and juices on the produce floor, escape and
    opening:    breathing : writhing, writhing spilling   : 
          me inspired to ripen on the belts
of checkout counters leading home



Question: I have a 10 pound watermelon, and it is 99% water. If it sits out in the sun all day, and is now only 98% water, what does it weigh now?



Define origin of be consumed.
1350-1400; Middle English ( < Middle French consumer) < Latin consumer, equivalent to con- con- + sumere to take up (perhaps < *suzm- < *subzm- < *subs- ( e ) m-, equivalent to subs-, variant of sub- sub- + emere to take, buy)



Index: Hancock, Watermelon Man.

Musicians: Herbie Hancock (piano), Dexter Gordon (tenor sax), Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Butch Warren (bass), Billy Higgins (drums). Composed by Herbie Hancock.
jirehcalo: “Love how the bassist smiles when they start to get down. B) 0:52.”
kashochualan: “Haha, when Herbie is playing, it is just like he is about to have an orgasm. OF COURSE HE WOULD! I can’t even imagine the amount of dopamine releasing in his brain from enjoying and just playing this tune just mmmmmmm.”
masuraotitan27: “Ignorance can only go so far when people don’t even know what dopamine is.”



I start stories intending for them
to be long and meaningful. I don’t
tell stories very often.

I don’t mean to preach.
I mean to remember.                 I belonged to no one, who belonged
to everyone, who had nothing, 
who wanted everything.



One day, you will be the beginnings of a rind tucked into someone else’s skin.
                Your essence: a distinct flavor.
                Your flavor: on a kind woman’s lips tonight.



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Peter LaBerge is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. His poetry appears inPANKA-Minor Magazine, Best New Poets 2014, DIAGRAMWord Riot, Weave Magazine, andSOFTBLOW, among others. He currently co-edits Poets on Growth (Math Paper Press, 2015), and serves as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of The Adroit Journal. His debut chapbook, Hook, is forthcoming from Sibling Rivalry Press in 2015.