Regina N. Bradley is Assistant Professor of African American Literature at Armstrong State University. She is also a recipient of the Nasir Jones HipHop Fellowship at Harvard University (Spring 2016). Dr. Bradley  earned her doctorate in African American Literature from Florida State University, a Masters in African American and African Diaspora Studies from Indiana University Bloomington, and is a third generation graduate from the Unsinkable Albany State University (GA). She writes about post-Civil Rights African American literature, the contemporary Black American South, pop culture, race and sound, and Hip Hop. Dr. Bradley is currently working on her first book tentatively titled Chronicling Stankonia: Recognizing America’s Hip Hop South, a project that uses hip hop to update the framework for understanding the post-Civil Rights American South. Known on social media as Red Clay Scholar, a nod to her Georgia upbringing, Dr. Bradley’s work is featured at


Regina N. Bradley, ISSUES 

September/October 2015 Issue, BOAAT



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