Roan Beauty & Charger

by Nabila Lovelace


Anwar drove his mother's car like his was the only name
on the lease of the silver Dodge Charger 

before he crashed it one night & the driver door caved
inward like the center of a spoon. 

I'd never seen someone drive like they loved to fucking
drive. Turns so sharp the tires on one side 

would tilt in the air. & I'd get scared. Inside or outside the
car. But Anwar spoke 

to the steering wheel in a baritone, & this is how I learned
tenderness-watching him pull 

the reigns & stroke the cars silver mane. & under
the hood the horses beat their hooves 

for him. Even when he traveled 53 miles past the gas light. 
I think he even named that car 

a woman's name. Roan. & he even believed her
when she said 

she'd never leave him
on the battlefield.




Note – “Roan Beauty” & “Charger” are the names of Achilles’ horses in The Illiad