I shape the brim of my ball cap with my
hands. “It's such a nice afternoon,
not a cloud in the sky,” I say to my wife.
Air still smells sulfur from
the halftime show fireworks.
Fireworks in the daytime.
Overhead a blimp is circling slowly.

We're here at The Colosseum
watching The Titans play The Steelers.
Her arm around my shoulder and we've
both got our Titan's jerseys on.
Don't know if you're familiar with
The Tennessee Titan's home jersey—
in my opinion it's one of the better
looking ones. Baby blue with navy
shoulders and swords printed
on the sleeves. In a Tarot Reading,
when both The King of Swords and The
Queen of Swords cards are revealed,
it means that you're in a strong
relationship. It's strong because you
two take care of each other.

It's been a good game, low scoring.
“Defenses are really showing up,” I say.
And she smiles at me. It's the most
beautiful thing I'll ever earn.

The Steeler's quarterback drops back. Eyes
in a black helmet, trying to hit paydirt.

I like watching defenses. A good defense
takes all the pressure off of the offense.

Titan's middle linebacker blitzes.
Skirts the Steeler's offensive line
and sacks the quarterback.

The Colosseum erupts, my wife
and I are on our feet, clapping.