Several of nature's people




Some are nearly as broad as high, and the way
prevention goes, the way the pen goes, the way water
in the morning stares down the heat of afternoon, each
in the current and shaking it, disappearing beneath, easing
the flower from the vine to know: their families
live differently, essentially, and we admire it, essentially. 

Without the code the lock is of no use, and without
the key we can’t yet live there. Moving on is difficult
esp. in winter, on / over these roads, afraid of these
mountain grades we’re suddenly committing
to experiencing. One possibility: a house. One management: 
a child. A forest needing tending, and some demonstration
of the web as we unpack our bags, even, look to think
we live there, will, dispense with the effort of place
and the sigh of displacement. 

As the species is most symmetrical, little
marvels of symmetry, straight and erect as a plumb line, appearing
so clear here what is bent, not quite right, would be called out
and noted not up to code or of unsafe or uncertain quality
and failing always to lose its light – or throw it back – for us, 
such small people, such little errors in the grass.