What Happens on Earth


What Happens on Earth


What Happens on Earth by Alfredo Aguilar was selected by Natalie Diaz as the winner of the 2017 BOAAT Chapbook Prize.

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Whar Happens on Earth by Alfredo Aguilar

Winner of the 2017 BOAAT Chapbook Prize

selected by Natalie Diaz


Ships November 15th, 2018


                                 -after Ada Limón


if my lineage is forced into a white van in the middle
of their lives-if every family photo album i own is seized
by customs-if my abuelo doesn't have a face when i speak
of him in this foreign language-if we call a thing
what it is not until it is-if history becomes a redacted text
book given to children-if the future is a shelf
of bricks-if i look on the nation & my voice becomes
a block of salt-if i have sunken so far
that not even harp strings can reach me & you are patient
as i climb back out-if i tell you this may be me
at my best & you do not leave-if we vanish into light
clinging to one another & still think ourselves lucky-
i will climb onto the moon, look back on the ravaged
world, reach my hand out to you & say come with me. please.


Alfredo Aguilar is the son of Mexican immigrants. He is the author of the chapbook What Happens On Earth (BOAAT 2018). His work has appeared or will soon appear in The Iowa ReviewThe Shallow EndsThe Adroit Journal & elsewhere. He lives in North County San Diego.