let's agree: you're great, but this world

is certainly doomed. I can't afford


the price of onions, & winter

never started. consider the rats


living between the third rail & puddles of filth

at 96th st. the family wedding last month


was full of smoke but the chicken was truly delicious.

all the men did shots of clear liquor & all the women


stood around. men are full of rituals like short hugs

or shouting in inscrutable unison. a number of people


turned to me & said you're probably next.

someone out there wants me doing your laundry,


me floating from room to room

like a swan imagined by someone


who has never been attacked by one. dear human,

I’m not a ballerina. dear human, let's never combine


our book collections. everything is melting around us

& god I think we're goners. let's wake up tomorrow morning,


let's plant a field of onions, let's agree: breathing

is lovely, even when the air is thin.