The Lake


Describe the lake     we’re still not sure

How we arrived there     we had been

All three and both of us     together

Hiking     or not exactly hik-

ing but we liked to walk     together

All three and both of us     in the woods

Behind our house I mean     you know

The apartment     in the woods behind

The complex     both of us     all three

We’re hiking     it’s a sunny day

And suddenly we’re rowing we’re

Surrounded by     sailboats nice boats

Yachts I guess I mean that’s just

A big boat right white     yachts and sail-

boats and we’re rowing like this ti-

ny brown boat     and we’re rowing but

It’s like we’re on a track     the waves

Don’t rock the boat     and we stop row-

ing     but we don’t slow down     all three

And both of us     and we’re invis-

ible a big white yacht it’s drift-

ing it     looks like it’s drifting slams

Into us I mean bang we don’t

Move     or slow down it moves we shout but

The people on the yacht     they all

Look like that one     rich guy on Gilli-

gan’s Island they don’t     hear us they

Don’t even flinch it’s like they’re on

Tracks on the yacht     it’s like they’re robots

At Chuck E. Cheese     it moves     and we

It’s like we’re in a bubble on

A track     we’re fine     not even shak-

en     and we’re terrified     Describe

The bird who knows     which bird is which a

Fish-eating bird     a diving bird

But also like a robot too

But free     the bird looked free     and dove

And landed in the boat between us

All three     and both of us     and spoke

It sounded like     a growling dog

It sounded like it couldn’t speak

And said     growling it said Hey     fuck you

Asshole you fucking asshole fuck

You follow me coughed     up a tiny

Hand like a skeleton hand mid-

dle finger up     and took off barking

The bird looked free it couldn’t have

Been free     if we were stuck     and fol-

lowed it     stuck on a track     or may-

be it was free but everybod-

y has a boss     we let the oars slip

Into the lake     except they didn’t

Sink they just stood there     still     then heads

And necks and faces sprouted from

The handles then     arms and legs sprouted

From the sides     and the oars walked away

Describe the oars     the oars walked on water

Like oars     they walked on water like

The love that made the universe