The Lighthouse & Now the Future & Everywhere Has Water


I keep playing the game
where I build a tower
higher & higher
until a boy looking up
can no longer
call it a tower
but a lighthouse
where his father watches ships
& puts notes in milk bottles
every time he lets one drown
the goal is to see
how many birds you can trap
so that the tower
is alive & constantly waking
like the cat
sleeping on my hand
who twitches her nose
every time I turn a page
this tower is different
from any tower I’ve lost
or pretended to lose
the falling asleep
is more like
the woman at the bank
who tells me she cleans
five-hundred eggs every morning
before giving people their money
I only build to where
it begins to fog
I learned it was enough
for a person
to do one beautiful thing a day
to not think about
the number of ships
until the bay is full
& my father
has to change his job
buy a car cut his beard
build our house
I keep answering
the woman’s question
with a smile:
yes it is impossible
for a tower to hold
that many birds
yes it is impossible
for a boy
to carry that many ghosts


Tyler Kline Biography

May-June 2016 Issue, BOAAT