my name is milky ebullient cornsilk & i am the first

hate child of the last appalachian yellow asphodel

& a legendary mcdonald’s ballpit heroin needle


i was never born       i hatched furiously

from a fig-sized moon       gossamer albumen

dripping from my satan-red moontooth


i live quietly       in the piggly wiggly ice cream freezer

& i try the new flavors before anyone else:

mushroom madness       eyeshadow       smoke bomb       pacifier


if i ever say i’m sorry or i want to go home

my therapist hits my shins with a wooden cane

& leaves me lying on her couch       fully dehusked


there’s a lump inside my gut cause i licked

off all my body hair       but don’t worry

i’m saving my scalp for judgement day


i’ve pulled myself up by my g-string & am now

strip club manager cobra dave’s #3 best girl

he ruffles my extensions & calls me crazier’n a run-over dog


whenever i get blackout drunk       i wake up with no teeth

in a wheelbarrow       next to a patriotic corpse

straightjacketed & prepared to fertilize


my skin is absorbent & i got a good deal on kerosene

smile they say things aren’t so bad & i know this:

tonight i’ll sit down with jesus & we’ll split

the most angelic of hot dogs—instead of relish       emeralds