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Tell me if I’m coming on too strong: I don’t think   my anti-capitalism phase   is a phase   Perhaps gender

is   my greatest product    No, I’d like to be as animal as language   Poems are   bullshit   unless  

they’re acres of land    Would you believe   oil money   pays for my poems? I’m talking a lot

these days,   saying phrases like   “agrarian societies”   hoping you’ll get the hint   When was the last time

you listened to your fruit?   What I fear   most,   since we’re being honest,   isn’t that human ingenuity

will set the earth on fire, but   that we won’t know we started it    Every day I take up space

on the internet,   I’m sure someone has died for that   comfort   I was going to lie to you   about how much

I enjoyed shooting a gun    If I was a billboard, I’d play a continuous loop of a video   appropriately titled

“Buck Fever”   in which a young white girl   trembles with joy   after killing   her first buck   

Sometimes   language is the animal,   sometimes it’s the gun    In one myth, my grandfather was   

the biggest pimp   the city had seen    What does family mean then?   Who’s your daddy?