The TIDAAL is a bit ridiculous. It's everything you shouldn't do to a book. The pages are curved, the spine comes extremely close to the text on the inner margin, but we still love it because the TIDAAL's a gorgeous free standing tidal wave. What's really great about this book is that it shows paper has a memory. To make the TIDAAL we wait for the "golden hour," which is when the handmade paper is dry enough to touch another piece of paper, but still damp enough to mold it. It's in this "golden hour" that we bind the book and curve the paper into the wave using a rubber band. It takes a few hours of lounging in the sun for the paper to hold its position. We then Velcro the burlap casing to the front cover to hold all the pages together. The downfall about the TIDAAL is its functionality. You'll have to finagle the wave back to its form every once in awhile due to opening and closing the book. However, just wrap the rubber band around the book when you go to sleep at night, and by morning the paper will remember it's a free standing wave again.

Price: $45.00

BOAAT Press Coffee Table Book Rating: 6.5/10