To the Woman Who Chose to Believe Her Brother



I get it

I have two of them

No doubt it was difficult to hear
that he slid his hand up my thigh
during the interview

How grateful I'd been
for that interview

The economy was
in freefall

I'd moved to a new city
and was desperate for a job

You called him as a favor

He sat down next to me
in a Starbucks

It doesn't matter what I wore

We'd just met
but he acted like
we'd known each other forever

It was a small company
he explained
We'd work together closely 

His left hand

My right thigh

could barely
stay in my body

Later you said
I misunderstood

Didn't trust my judgment
because I had a history
of anxiety and depression

All I'd wanted
was to leave

If I could stand up
and leave
I promised myself
I'd never
see him again

To this day
I've kept my word

You see him
every Thanksgiving

along with his wife and son
who was born
the following year

and named after his father