When was the last time you felt happy?



        1.    feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.
I was [feeling or showing pleasure or contentment] when I masturbated twonightsago. Aftercumming I was not grossed out by the afterimage of the open field ofawoman'storso covered in crude fertilizer. Ionlycriedforlike3minutes before going to sleep. Still got asolid8 hours in.

I'm not sure that counts as "happy."  

        2.    fortunate and convenient
I am [fortunate] that mostofmyscars have reduced themselves to insignificant bumps in theroadscapeofmybody. Noonecantell I was once a swallowed city that setitselfonfire in its own mouth.
I am [convenient] if the boy I like is bored at midnight and needsathroat to dangle inside of.

No, I mean -

        3.    satisfied with the quality of
I am [satisfied with the quality of] theemptyconnectionImakewithstrangersonthetrain who are often reading a book or listeningtomusic. Somewhere in our scattered minds wemutuallyagree we are in an actionmovie kind of love affair that endsindeath, so we retreat from each other's knowing glances. Icantell this is the kind of heartbreak Iamdestined for, the little tears that repeatendlessly.

No -

        4.    willing to do something
I am often [willing] tosacrifice myself forthegreatergood especially when the greatergood is nothingatall in particular. 

Okay! When was the last time you felt not the way you feel now?

Not the way I feel now?
Not · the · way · I · feel · now?
Do you mean happy?