When you Pray for Water


A Children’s Song for Rain:
Solo. Rain, fall!
Chorus. That the hide does not choke me, the old skin
which takes away the ashes.
    - Masai Myths, Tales and Riddles by A.C Hollis

We can’t teach you everything so watch, 
if you’re unsure put your palms
together like this. Pray
that the water comes, 
that every bucket from here
to Franklinton is filled. 

Pray it doesn’t take anyone,
you won’t understand a God
that would take a child, but it isn’t
for you to understand.

When you’re poor
prayer and wine is all you got, 
you need one and have
to have the other. 

The river like a man can get to full
on itself and not know how to act
and like water a man will provide and
in the same motion take away.