Where Others Fear to Tread


I’m thinking of

the atomic number
for a good time

lithium in my Dixie cup 

forget-me-nots knotted, forgotten

pulled over the third eye

but all of these little stop lights in my life
more brilliant like your least
favorite skittles left behind
to themselves and their half-life

make a murkier sugar:

to say your name
into the abandoned particle accelerator

to set the trash compactor to ruminate 

to run my hand through the thought
of your hair like a field of downy mildew

God gives you some fire
and you fuck around with that for a while, 
but when it goes out, then what?

the surgeon general’s warning 

a timeshare on the island of the lotus eaters  

another lazy anachronism:
the booze cruise smashed through the eye of the needle

again and again

scientists now believe
that in the Lifetime movie of your life
you will watch at least 1,200 Lifetime movies

that this is a kind of self-preservation