1. Etymology

from father to father to farther away

from the father or take the mother instead

and keep her where she belongs

under a name that isn't hers


2. In religious thought

see “Names of God”

and then refuse

to write them down

and ask if ink

is sacrilege or faith


3. Names of names

person / body / anthroponym / another body / hold me as if I’m yours

place / please/ toponym / top of a mountain/ toppling down

body of water / body of body/ hydronym / hear me under / drowning

ethnic group / not mine / ethnonym / still not / mine? / I don’t understand the question

resident(s) of a locality / locusts / demonym / demon / demand return / anywhere

                                                                                                                                 but home

false name / face / hand / rib / pseudonym / pass

named after a person / below earth / below water / below skin / eponym / upon the grave 


4. Further reading

my mother was afraid

and made my father

take her name

and so my husband was afraid

and made me take his

and so I was afraid too

and made our son

take my great-grandmothers

and so she turned

scared in her grave

the stones above her

shook and called out

for god to give it back