With pretty legs




These are facts: I am part of that generation
that everyone seems to want more of.

This is no coincidence. This one’s for the girl
who just walked by / with the pretty legs
. Things

I have learned about myself: street musicians
love me. The girl at the coffee shop with all

those red tattoos. I am listing all of the people
who love me. Facts: Each day, at some point

between dawn & noon, I turn into a hawk.
A casual metamorphosis. There’s something

about thunderstorms. More facts: I wake up
when the electricity comes back on. A family

of buzzing ghosts. They live in the dishwasher
& inside every warm lamp. This is all I know

about crystal balls. Seeing spirits. Animals dying
in the snow. Love you, beautiful. I am an animal

& someday I swear I’m going to die in this snow.
A sexy death with lots of wildfire smoke. Hello

beautiful. Moral: If I’m lucky, when the vultures
convene to love me, I will already be dead.