Wonder Woman 


I wish I could eat two fat corgis/I’m wearing Wonder Woman underwear the first time a boy touches me/He has a thick neck/He wears khakis/I take a bus to see him/even though I read something about a local bus that flips over every time it comes out of a tunnel/and I know there are more tunnels going this direction than the other direction/The boy owns a book titled AIDS, Inc./which worries me/I know how to watch the street/the neighbor boy from the opposite driveway/who is using a wrench to hang up a tire/I find this funny/that he’s carrying a wrench and hanging his tire with the rope that’s too long/that he’s shortening it/The boy next to me reaches down to tuck my hair back/and scratches my contact lens instead/I think a lot/A lot about California/and what it means to be that shape/I think about the shape of California/and what aliens would think if they landed here/Someone once told me the aliens would speak Chinese/They would come to save us/They would speak Chinese because most people do/ 

I always imagine/your breasts like fading coals/I told you to open the freaking window/I am surprised by my lies/Once we both volunteered at an animal shelter/and it came time to help a dog give birth/I was supposed to push down on the stomach/because the vet already knew that one of the pups was dead and that the others would be ok now/So I pushed and pushed/but when I saw one little persimmon head I pretended to faint/It was the dead one/You were so surprised and asked me later why I fainted/and I distracted you by telling you about a movie I would make about little animated hedgehogs/The hedgehogs would be all made out of clay/like at the Tech Museum/The credits would be the best part/a curtain would open and all these hedgehogs would start dancing on the floating clay letters with vegetable spines/You pretended to listen/even to be excited/Later, we ate nachos at a 7-11 and I watched the hills to my right/I could imagine all the trees there deciding together to catch fire, to be a series of fires that would nibble at the sky not hard enough to be pleasurable/I could imagine them like a union in protest against their management/All this management of life and death/They were tired trees/